Zenolian blood is abnormally acidic. If an enemy were to wound a Zenolian and then the Zenolian bled on them, they would suffer slight burns. Zenolians have two hearts to filter their acidic blood and keep it from acidizing (the act of Zenolian blood becoming too acidic and cause internal bleeding and internal cannibalism). The names of the blood types determine on several variables.

Blood Prefix
Chaste Unacidic
Dormant Slightly acidic
Direct Mildly acidic
Unstable highly acidic
Corrupt incredibly acidic (almost life-threatening)
Blood Midfix
Zenon Can barely acidize
Zenoxia Can normally acidize
Zerrat Can quickly acidize
Blood Suffix
Sincerus Slowly regenerates bloodcells
Medius Normally regenerates bloodcells
Acidum Quickly regenerates bloodcells
Acidulus Very frequently regenerates bloodcells