Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)


  • Ancient
  • Modern



Height of average adult

2.1 Meters

Skin colour

Pale white to dark grey

Normal Hair Color(s)

  • Brown
  • white
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Crimson
  • Blonde

Average lifespan

1,500 Earth Years


  • Pyronic Zenolians
  • Cryonic Zenolians
  • Revolver Zenolians
  • Dark-Moonians
  • Zetalions
  • Zanalions
  • Zenalions


Mammal/humanoid qualities, Reptilian qualities, glowing pupils, sharp canines, height/slightly-pointed ears


Zenolians are the main species of Zeno. The Zenolian race is a very powerful, feared race across the Milky Way. They live longer than most other humanoid species and can use telekenesis due to their powerful, intelligent minds.


Zenolians share resemblances of both mammals and reptiles, though they are easily more of the former than the latter. The average height of a healthy Zenolian adult is 2.1 meters, which is taller than a large portion of other special humanoid averages, including humans. The pupils of a Zenolian glow due to a perpetual chemical reaciton that occurs in the lens and aqueous, which allows them to see on their sunless world. Zenolians are also omnivores, though their teeth are sharp for carnivorous tendencies. Unlike most other species in the Milky Way, Zenolians have exceptional cognitive and mental abilities, such as telekinesis -- which is the ability to lift or interact with objects with the mind and not through physical work. Healthy Zenolians may also be able to achieve weak and slight telepathy. Deformations and mutations during development or growth may yield unique abilities in the mind, such as: Dream wandering, energy phlebotomy, and cryokinesis

The blood of a Zenolian is abnormally acidic for a mammalesque species. Due to their acidic blood, a healthy Zenolian will have two hearts to constantly filter their bloodstream to avoid over-acidization -- when a Zenolian's blood becomes too acidic and causes their body to corrode and eat itself, ultimately ending in death. Zenolians are also powerful against both hot and cold temperatures, as their homeworld can have extremely high or low temperatures depending on the geographical region. A healthy Zenolian can also hold its breath for long amounts of time, averagely up to 1-2 hours.