Starzeno with the Zenocore

A model of Zeno's core uncovered with surface

Zenocore crystals are a dense, kinetic element only found on Zeno. Sometime before the Omnipotent Zenon Empire's creation, a miner dug to the core of Zeno. There, he found a lime-green, illuminating crystal-like substance with immense kinetic power within it. He then showed it to the Zenolian government and Zenolian inventors soon found out how to harness its power. Zenocore crystals are used to power many things such as powerplants, technology, space vessels, and engines. Before the creation of Synthetic Plasmablades, the Zenolian military used to use swords with a Zenocore-forged blade. When Xerxes X. Ion invented the Omni-Glove, he placed a Zenocore crystal within its powercell. Zenocore crystals' power runs out usually 1,375 years when used at a normal rate.