The Zenox Axis of POwer

Type of government

Constitutional Republic

Founding document

The Tyranny Ending Compact


The Declaration of Freedom for Zeno

Head of government

President of Zeno


  • Grand General(s)
  • Grand Admiral(s)

Legislative Branch

Zenolian Governour Congress

Executive Branch

President of Zeno

  • President of Zeno's advisers

Judicial Branch

  • The Order of the Magistrates
  • Zeno Bureau Courts


Zeno, Magistrate City

Chosen language(s)


  • Ancient


Zenox Power Tokens

State religious body

The Star Lords

National holiday(s)

  • Freedom Week (Celebrates the defeat of the Omnipotent Zenon Empire)
  • Hallow's Eden (Celebrates Starism, the Star Beings, and the Zenocore)


The Sunless World


135.7 trillion

Date of Establishment

25,039 B.C.

Date of Dissolution

8,497 B.C.


The Zenox Axis of Power was the predecessor of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. After the dissolution of the Omnipotent Zenon Empire in 25,039 B.C., the Zenox Axis of Power was created. It offered immense freedom for the Zenolian population, and after 20 millenia of little government, the population became greedy and overthrew the government. A three year span of Anarchy then immerged and dominated all of Zeno Space, until the creation of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order.