The Tower


Z. Shipyard & Foundry Center

Classified Other

Product Line





75,820 meters

Maximum Speed

778 space mach per hour


500 Plasmic Cannons

750 Plasmic Lasers

200 Zenocore Lasers

200 Zenocore firespray turrets

100 Torpedo Launchers

1 Class Z Multi-function Prototype Zenocore Super Laser

Minimum Crew






Warship/War Super Weapon

Research Station

Large Scale Transport

Year Introduced

1860 A.D.

The Tower Is a Prototype Commandship of Sarria Ion.

It was built to be a Multi use command ship to be what they need when they need it ranging from a factory to a research center and more. The Tower in one way is and can be a large city in space in having its own food supply sorce on bord and eco power sorce and city like forces on it. It was intended when it was in blue prints to have been an emergency planetary evacuation ship if need be but was changed to work more of military like use, tthe area of its main Lazer is in fact where most of the area that would have been used in that role.

The Tower is of such a size that it was made so that it had hangers to carry a small fleet of normal attack like cruisers in it. It has over 1,000 normal hangers to store the Zenolian ships of all types in it as well as their cargo. The main lazer was made to do a wide range of rolls from being an advance Lazer to attack with to a if need be a planetary stun-gun. Within many of its diffrent floors are R&D labs, Training rooms, mess halls, trooper quarters, and much more. Each floor was made so it was almost fully working without need from the rest of the ship.

This ship has a massive amount of crew and Troops abord at any given time and each given a roll within it. Many could be working on the factory levels or the main areas of the ship like the power core or the life-supports systems.

Tho it was made for millitary use in the end, it has never been needed to be used in its full abilies, nor used its lazer in uneeded ways.

The last time the ship was ever seen was when it was leaving Zeno for Researching a far off area in deep space. Since then it was never seen again in any other form but strange sightings like it being a phantom for short times being seen most times when a ship is in light speed. What happen to the Tower has never been known, with the only things left of it is blueprints of its version before being made for millitary use and without its main lazer.