The Third Great Civil War of Zeno

Beginning of War

9,223 A.D.

End of War

9,250 A.D.


  • The dissolution of The Reborn Zenon Empire
  • The execution of Malaki O. Ion
  • The creation of the Epsilon Order of Zeno
  • The restoration of the Order of the Star Lords
  • The reconstruction of Aetherwrath
  • The destruction of HMS Revelation

Major Battles

  • The Siege of Magistrate City
  • The Moon Campaign
  • The Invasion of Magistrate City
  • The Assail of Aetherwrath
  • The Zenolian Liberation Campaign
  • The Star Lord Massacre
  • The Battle of the Fields of Death
  • The Campaign of Complexity
  • The Space Assail of Dark Moon
  • The HMS Revelation Assaults
  • The Great Space Battle of Zeno

Casualty Total

c. 17.75 trillion


The Third Great Civil War of Zeno was the last major internal war that Zeno endured. When Malaki O. Ion became king of Zeno, he quickly dissoluted the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order and the Z-Templar. The citizens of Zeno were outraged and waged war on their tyrannical ruler. A long, bitter war then happened. The casualty total is circa 17.75 trillion Zenolians.