The Star Mask


  • The Star Beings (Creators)
  • Dread Mortem (temporarily)
  • Renald X. Ion

Known location(s)


  • The Temple of the Mask


  • White
  • Gold
  • Black


  • Z-Cobalt
  • Staridium


24.5 centimeters


19 centimeters


  • Grants temporary postmortality
  • Able to summon a Star Being
  • Power to damn wearer to Purgatorial Damnation or send wearer to Starzeno


The Star Mask was a legendary relic in Zenolian religion. It was said to be created by the Star Beings before their retreat to Starzeno. The Star Mask has the powers to grant the wearer temporary Postmortality while it judges their life's choices to decide where to send them. If the wearer has lived a wicked life, it would send said wearer to Purgatorial Damnation for eternal punishment. If the Mask decides the wearer is good, it will send the wearer, and itself, to Starzeno to live in eternal paradise. It was discovered by Renald X. Ion in 1906 A.D. Dread Mortem then blackmailed Ren into giving him the mask. Living a wicked life, Dread was then killed by the Star Being that appeared before the three. The Mask remained after Dread's body was ripped from Reality. Ren kept the mask and locked it up securely in the Ion Manor. Years later, in 2208 A.D., Ren reacquainted  with the Star Mask when he had to save Earth before Marrek, a corrupted Star Being, destroyed it with The Necroforge