The Second Great Civil War of Zeno

Beginning of War

2200 A.D.

End of War

2205 A.D.


  • The death of Silhouette X's clone
  • The restoration of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • The dissolution of the Z-IIO Splinter Cell
  • Restoration of all Zenolian space vessels destroyed during the war

Major Battles

  • The Political Massacre
  • The First Space Battle of Zeno
  • The Siege of Magistrate City
  • The Onslaught of the Z. Shipyard
  • The Assail on the Zenolian Firearms Foundry
  • The Invasion of the Arctic Regions

Casualty Total

c. 296 billion


The Second Great Civil War of Zeno was the second internal war fought by Zeno. Though not nearly as devastating and long as the First Great Civil War, more Zenolians died than needed. The casualty total for the war was approximately 296 billion Zenolians (including Silhouette X).

The Political MassacreEdit

Shortly after the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order declared war on the radical revolutionaries calling for the rebirth of the Omnipotent Zenon Empire, a large battle took place in Magistrate City's political sector. When many of the regional governours came together to plan strategies against the rising protesters, a large group of them simultaneously flooded the meeting room and started butchering the politicians. Over 65 regional governours were murdered during the massacre, but Zenolian troopers quickly eradicated the revolutionaries. With a lack of leadership across Zeno Space, the radicals would be able to easily infiltrate hte ranks of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order, thus taking control of Zeno.

The First Space Battle of ZenoEdit

The First Space Battle of Zeno was the first space-orientated battle in the Second Great Civil War. By this time, the revolutionaries had gathered a large space fleet and tried to take on Renald X. Ion's personal fleet, which included HMS Revelation. After one Earth hour of fighting, the radicals retreated. Renald's fleet only lost two Zenolian Warships whilst the enemy had taken a massive blow by losing fifteen ships.