The Misanthropist
Mysterious Zenolian



Date of Birth

290 A.D., Zana

Date of Death

2150 A.D., Earth





Height as Adult

2.09 meters

Mass as Adult

75.50 kilograms

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Skin Colour

  • Grey (Zenolian)
  • Caucasian (Human morph)


Cybernetic right hand

Blood Type

Chaste Zenon Sincerus




Jonathan Trezca


Brianna Trezca


  • The DTHO
  • The Martian Stratocracy

Favored Weapon(s)

  • The Darkhart of Spelunky
  • Martian Mark XI Thermopike
  • Modified Z-100 Pinpoint Rifle
  • Customized X'in rocketboots
  • Mark II Electric Pulse Gauntlet
  • Telekinesis


Hector Trezca, more commonly known as "The Misanthropist", was born on Zeno's moon, Zana in 290 A.D. Several years later his parents, Jonathan and Brianna Trezca, took him to the forest planet of Trez'a'crouth. Around 500 A.D., Hector discovered a strange, heart-shaped relic which he named "The Darkhart of Spelunky". Several years passed, and the Darkhart of Spelunky somehow began to twist and darken Hector's mind. In 510 A.D., Trez'a'crouth abandoned Celestial Parliament and fell into planetary civil war. A widescale war happened and obliterated the entire society that inhabited it. Hector, however, survived due to the eerie powers that the Darkhart of Spelunky provided. Wandering the carnage that the Civil War of Trez'a'crouth caused, Hector Trezca found and protected a young, female Crouthian named An'i Nar'a'ex. He eventually found a operatable starship and abandoned the planet with An'i. He traveled to a primitive Earth around 522 A.D., and decided to make it his and An'i's new home. Several years later, human Barbarians ravaged the village that Hector and An'i lived in. During the assail, An'i was murdered and slaughtered. Hector, with the Darkhart of Spelunky's manipulation and his anger and sorrow, singlehandedly killed the entire attackforce. He then, in depression, traveled to where the Barbarians came from and slaughtered the entire tribe. Developing a despision for humans, Hector then left Earth and started an organization known as "The DTHO" (The Death To Humanity Organization). Several individuals joined immediately, considering the humans as unworthy vermin. Over the next few hundred years, Hector grew renowned and gave himself the title, "The Misanthropist", which means "The Hater of Mankind".