Grand Coldarian Civil War
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Beginning of War

c. 9,625 B.C.

End of War

c. 9,624 B.C.


Death of Warlord Vork Breaker

Dissolution of Breaker's Tyrants

Major Battles

First Assault

  • Battle of Crystallos City
  • Crystallos City Massacre

Second Assault

  • Invasion of Artic
  • Space Battle above Artic



  • 2 million (During Crystallos City Massacre)

The Coldarian Military

  • 305 Coldarian War Tanks
  • Estimated 200 Coldarian Satrships
  • 100 thousand Coldarian Troopers

Breaker's Tyrants

  • Warlord Vork Breaker
  • 550 Coldarian War Tanks
  • Estimated 320 Breaker Starships
  • 300 thousand Breaker Soldiers


The Grand Coldarian Military

  • Emperor Cundolt Blaze
  • Empress Martha Blaze

Breaker's Tyrants

  • Warlord Vork Breaker
  • General Crux Prime


The Grand Coldarian Civil War was an internal conflict on Coldar. It lasted 1 year and approximatley 400 thousand Coldarian soldiers from both sides died, while at the Crystallos City Massacre, where Vork Breaker massacred 2 million civilians if Emperor Cundolt Blaze did not surrender. It was because of this moment that he started to lose the war, as many of his followers left him. The war sparked when Warlord Vork Breaker,the leader of Breaker's Tyrants, declared war on the Enternal Coldarian Empire, by bombing several military bases. The War ended above Artic on the final battle, when Cundolt Blaze defeated Vork aboard the Doomsday, the secret super weapon with the power to decimate Crystallos City.