The Dark Moon Resistance

Beginning of War

1900 A.D.

End of War

1900 A.D.


  • The dissolution of the Dark Moon Republic
  • The Reentry of Dark Moon into the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • The reconstruction of several Dark Moon cities

Major Battles

  • The Invasion of Zexan
  • Battle of the Valley of the Shadows
  • The Battle of Zetu
  • The Skirmish of Ninevah
  • The Onsalught of the Dark Citadel
  • The Chrome Road Skirmishes
  • The Retake of Dark Central

Casualty Total

c. 500,000


The Dark Moon Resistance was a short war that happened after Dark Moon seceded from the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order due to a corrupt governour. Renald X. Ion led the invasion of Dark Moon in hopes to stop it from leaving. The war took less than a year to end and less than a million Zenolians died during it.