Tenebrosi Lacerta

Planet of Origin

Caliantis Inferno

Chosen Language(s)

  • Sibilas (Original language)
  • Latin (multiple variations/from past Caliantis Inferno Rulers)



Average Height of a Adult

2 meters

Skin Colour


Normal Hair Colour(s)


Average Lifespan

960 Earth Years


Tenebrosi Lacerta are a reptillian like species native and only found on Caliantis Inferno. Tenebrosi Lacerta are strongly religious and go by a strict code of honour. If a Tenebrosi Lacerta that is able, does not fight along side his or her brethren; they are seen as dishonouring there species. It is sadly common many Tenebrosi Lacerta go rogue, and attack others, they are always defeated by the "true" Tenebrosi Lacerta. It is seen by them, that if you die somehow that is not in battle (such as fighting rogues, or if you are a rogue and fighting the "true" Tenebrosi Lacerta) you are dishonouring your brethren. Tenebrosi Lacerta will follow by and do what ever there current rulers say, such as if they were told to bath in lava, they would do so. The Tenebrosi Lacerta's homeworld Caliantis Inferno has a very strong gravitational pull, as so many passing ships crash on the planet, any survivors are either executed if sick or showing weakness, or put to a test. The test is to kill the current rulers, such as the King or Queen; If you suceed, you are put in there specific place. A example is if a survivor fights the King and suceeds, they are the new King. The reason the Tenebrosi Lacerta do this is they see the survivors as falling from Heaven, and if they suceed, they are seen as gods or goddesses. The Rulers of Caliantis Inferno have most to complete control over the planet. Caliantis Inferno has two moons, Lunam Inferno and Lunam Caeli; They are seen by the Tenebrosi Lacerta as the Netherworld and Heaven respectively. If a current King or Queen were to have children, they are no longer seen as Gods or Goddesses, and are executed or banished, but as there is little ways to get off the planet, most are executed.


Caliantis Inferno (Planet)