Spectra Ghost Phantom
Spectra Phantom



Date of Birth

1825 A.D., Magistrate City

Date of Death

2080 A.D., Earth





Height as Adult

2.14 Meters

Mass as Adult

85 Kilograms

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Skin Colour

  • Light gray (Zenolian)
  • Caucasion (Human morph)
Political Information

Blood Type

Dormant Zenon Acidulus




Draze Phantom


May Ghost




Valery Zaptros


Arthos Z. Phantom

Favored Weapon(s)

Z-150 Plasmic Pistol



Synthetic Plasmablade


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

The Enternal Coldarian Empire


Spectra G. Phantom was a male Zenolian, who was an adventurer and also an archaeologist. Spectra came from Zeno, like all Zenolians. He was friends with Renald Ion, the ruler of Zeno and Benjamin S. Drago, because their ancestors founded the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. During his youth, Spectra joined the Xeykari Academy of Magistrate City, there he learned how to fight, using Xeykari. He also practice is telekinetic abilities. If Ren or Ben, or anyone else had an artifact, they would call Spectra. His personal starship is the Hunter.

Alliance with Coldar

In 1860 A.D., Spectra decided to explore the galaxy, he then ventured to the Bioma System. He then chose to land on the icy planet, Coldar. He landed on Crystallos City and he began meeting the natives, the Coldarians, and he started learning about them. He be-friendend the Emperor, Simon Blaze. Before leaving Coldar, Emperor Simon Blaze ordered the contruction of a statue of Spectra. He became a notable person in the Coldarian History, earning the Enternal Coldarian Empire as an ally. In 1999 A.D., Spectra recieved a genetically altered Catsaur named Gill, from Simon Blaze.

The Slavery War

Main article: [[The Slavery War]]

In 2000 A.D., Spectra was contacted by his good friend, Simon Blaze. He heard that a Reshkade Hunter kidnnaped Nadia. Spectra then agreed to help and met up with Simon on the Star North, on route to Reshia. They had planned a rescue operation, but that same operation would turn into a full scale war. Spectra played a major role during the Slavery War, helping the Frozen Arrows brake the blockade and going to Reshia's surface with the rescue team to save the Empress. Near the end of the war, Spectra met his love, Valery Zaptros, he soon took her to Zeno and they got married.

The Day of Chaotic Crisis

Main article: [[The Day of Chaotic Crisis]]

In 2013 A.D., Spectra and Valery helped Simon Blaze defeat the Order of Chaos.


In 2080 A.D., Spectra and Valery were traveling to Earth for their anniversary. But a problem in the Hunter caused them to crash land on Antarctica. The communication console was badly damaged and with no way to get help, the two soon died due to starvation.