Renald X. Ion
Ren Ion Zenolian



Date of Birth

1820 A.D., Magistrate City

Date of Death

2208 A.D., The Necroforge (Supposed Death)





Height as adult

2.34 meters

Mass as adult

84.79 kilograms

Hair Colour

  • Black (Original)
  • Brown (Dyed)

Eye Colour

Lime Green

Skin Colour

  • Light Grey (Zenolian)
  • Pale (Human morph)


Left Bionic Hand (The Omni-Glove)

Blood Type

Unstable Zenoxia Acidum




Xizzle X. Ion


  • Madison Ion (biological mother)
  • Emelie Ion (step-mother)


Sarah Ion


  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
    • The Dark Legion Council
    • The Z-Templar
    • The Star Lords
    • The Z-IIO Splinter Cell
    • The Zenolian Navy
  • Earth

Favored Weapon(s)

  • The Omni-Glove
  • Dual chrome-plated pistols
  • Synthetic Plasmablade (Disguised as walking cane)
  • Telekinesis


Renald X. Ion, also known as the Exemplar, was the 6th ruler of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. He was one of the most prosperous, merciful rulers that Zeno had ever experienced. Although Ren only lived for 488 years, he did more than most other rulers before and after him.

Early Life

Ren grew up as the prominant son of Xizzle X. Ion and his step-mother, Emelie Ion. During his early adolesence, Ren studied the vast history of Zeno and practiced his telekinetic powers. He was also trained to shoot with several different firearms and melee weapons. During his mid-teens, his step-mother passed away. When he was 21 years of age, his father, Xizzle, decided to secretly travel to Mars to insert DNA of himself in their decomissioned cloning operations. On his way back, several Martian stealth agents had boarded his frigate and fought aboard. During their fight, however, one of the main controls was badly damaged and it caused the frigate to accelerate to maximum speed. His ship crashed into one of the hangars of HMS Dark Bombarder, the current capital ship of the Zenolian Navy. His father, the crew of the frigate, and the Martian agents were all killed during the crash, and so Ren was inaugurated as King of Zeno.

A Trip to Earth

Two months post-kingship, Renald X. Ion took a small leave of absence and traveled to Earth. When he arrived, he cloaked HMS Swift Striker II and easily parked it in Victorian London, England. Realizing he was wearing Zenolian clothing, he quickly found a small business that sold clothing. He had bought a dark grey button-up vest, a white button-up shirt, dark grey dress pants, and black dress shoes. He quickly changed his outfit and made his skin colour change to fit in more with the Humans. He explored the streets of London for several hours, until he had found a young Frankie Sparks. The two became friends, and Renald eventually offered Frankie the chance to see his homeworld. When Renald had returned, he showed his new friend Zeno and its glory. Frankie found a job, and Renald went back to his kingly duties. Several months later he traveled back to Earth and had met a young female human named Sarah Graves. The two instantly fell in love. To the dismay of her parents, Renald and Sarah had gone back to Zeno and became wedlocked. By December 1841 A.D., Renald's first child was born: Joshua Ion.