Purgatorial Damnation

Galactic Parameter

Postmortal Reality

Atmospheric Tier

T1 (Barely breathable)



Gravitational Strength

15 m/s

Native Species

  • Necroslaves
  • Damned Souls


Damned Soul/Necroslave/Demon/Tortured Soul/Hellwalker


Purgatorial Damnation was the eternal resting place for all souls that were unsaved and/or condemned in known Reality. In Zenolian religion, Star Being Triumvir Ezekiel, after becoming drunk with wickedness, was encased in Purgatorial Damnation. The Star Beings, untrusting of Ezekiel's manipulation, decided to then encase themselves within Zeno. Their new home then became known as "Starzeno", the exact opposite of Purgatorial Damnation. Humans who have learned of Purgatorial Damnation compare it to Purgatory, Hell, Limbo, Hades, and other netherworld-like damnation spots.