Marrek's Siege of Earth


Marrek's Galactic Campaign


2208 A.D.


Earth (Surrounding space)


  • The death of Marrek
  • The supposed death of Renald X. Ion
  • The supposed death of Benjamin S. Drago
  • The destruction of The Necroforge
  • The loss of The Omni-Glove
  • Earth learns about the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order


Marrek's Siege of Earth was a large-scale battle that took place over Earth. Marrek's ship, The Necroforge, entered the galaxy via the Solaris System. Marrek's first decided victim of his superweapon would be Earth, until the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order caught sight of his large ship. Renald X. Ion and half of the Zenolian Navy then quickly traveled to the Solaris System to confront The Necroforge. Feeling something more sinister was going to take place, Ren took the Star Mask with him as an extra procaution. HMS Revelation, The Tower, and several flagships led the hundreds of Zenolian warships. Earth, now a T4 planet, saw what was happening, and so they sent several of their space-proof fighter jets into space. Ren then contacted the president of the United States of America and told him what side he was on. The president then contacted the other world leaders. Though Earth's starships were nothing against The Necroforge, it did keep the turrets on it busy. Benjamin S. Drago, who was invited to fight by Ren, was aboard HMS Revelation as the fight flurried on. The Necroforge, being so incredibly large, took little damage from the Zenolian Navy. After two hours of naval warfare, Ren and Benjamin decided to fly HMS Swift Striker II into The Necroforge to destroy it from the inside out. After landing in it, Renald and Ben ran through the hallways, cutting down Necroslaves that slowed them down. It is not proven, but Renald had thought to have seen the Necroslave version of Dread Mortem. Renald and his companion finally made it to The Necroforge's bridge, where they were confronted by Marrek's two apprentices: No'vis and Sef. In a fatigueing battle, both No'vis and Sef were slaughtered by Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago. Confronting Marrek, the two Zenolians readied their weapons. Marrek unsheathed his blade which then turned out to be a legendary Fireblade. He swung it at Ben, who was unready. Consequently, Benjamin was heavily wounded by the slash and began to die. Renald X. Ion, seeing how powerful the corrupted Star Being is, placed the Star Mask on his face and began to glow. He then entered the Postmortal life state and was forever known as "The Exemplar". With his newly-acquired omnipotent powers, Ren easily apprehended and defeated Marrek. Marrek's death caused all of the Necroslaves to be free of his Necromancy and return to Purgatorial Damnation. Without a crew, The Necroforge began to fall apart and implode. During the last moments of Marrek's ship, The Exemplar used The Omni-Glove to set HMS Swift Striker II on auto-pilot and to fly out of The Necroforge. He also picked up his dying friend to care for him. The Necroforge exploded over Earth, and the day was won. The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order was then praised by Celestial Parliament and Earth. Both Renald X. Ion and Benjamin S. Drago were supposedly dead, but there was no sign of evidence confirming it.