Date of Birth

c. 1 Billion B.C., Zeno

Date of Death

2208 A.D., The Necroforge


Star Being



Height as Adult

3.35 meters

Mass as Adult

113.40 kilograms

Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Pure Black

Favored Weapon(s)

  • Large Fireblade
  • Telekinesis
  • Necromancy
  • Claws
  • Wings


Marrek was a Star Being who fled Starzeno when the Star Beings decided to encase themselves away from the galaxy. Before he left, the evil Star Being triumvir, Ezekiel, corrupted Marrek. For the next aeon, Marrek was in hiding; building up a massive ship named The Necroforge. He also built up his army of unthinking, damned souls which he snatched from Purgatorial Damnation with his corrupted powers. He soon returned to the Milky Way to destroy Zeno so he could free Triumvir Ezekiel and wreak havoc on all of Reality. The Necroforge arrived in the Milky Way galaxy nearby Earth. Marrek decided to test his massive ship's destructive powers on the T4 world, but Ren Ion, ruler of Zeno at the time, arrived to battle. Marrek and Ren fought on the bridge of The Necroforge. With the omnipotent power of the Star Mask, Ren Ion was able to defeat and kill Marrek. However, The Necroforge imploded due to its controller falling. Ren was supposedly killed in the destruction of Marrek's ship.