Celestial Parliament

Type of Government

Congressional-Democratic Entity.

Founding Document

The Milky Way Combine Compact


The Charter of Alliance

Head of Parliament

Parliament Overseer

Legislative Sectors

  • The Senatorial Congress
  • The Representative Congress
  • Planetary Parliament


X'inlar, X'einix City

Chosen Language(s)



X'in Creds

Date of Establishment

c. 27,500 B.C.

Date of Dissolution

1984 A.D. (succeeded by Celestial Recommission)

Date of Restoration

1986 A.D. (replaces Celestial Recommission)

Date of Destruction

21,549 A.D. (permanently succeeded by the Galaxicon Concordat)


Celestial Parliament is the main governmental entity of the Milky Way galaxy. It, itself, is just an entity which bonds thousands of solar system governments together to form a type of congress. Even with the countless planets within Celestial Parliament, it poses no actual threat to Zeno. In fact, Celestial Parliament has asked many times for Zeno Space to join, but Zeno has always denied. Another important planet, Earth, was not invited into Celestial Parliament due to its planetary tier level of T3. Earth did eventually join Celestial Parliament when it reached T5. Celestial Parliament was officially destroyed in 21,549 A.D., after Dey's War ended. It was succeeded by the Galaxicon Concordat.