block of "lapis,emerald,gold,iron,diamond,redstone,coal"
moss stone
packed ice?
soul sand?
stone bricks cracked
mossy stone bricks
harden clay
crafting table?
slime block
(all 3 1.8 stone kinds)
sea lantern?
logs(pre-planks only)
stone blocks(every form) monster egg form
dirt/grass(all forms) follow same effects as whole block form of them does but cant turn into farmland or grow anything
block of: iron: cant be used to make golem; redstone: gives 50-75% power of full block; coal: burns 50-75% of the full block; all in beacon building:only can be used on outer ring of each lvl to count as full version of block
obsidian: cant be used for portal
snow: cant be used for golem
clay/harden clay: can be used like full block when turning into harden clay but if it clay slab it turns into harden clay slab *example
netherack:doesnot allow fire to be above it(it not a full block so cant hold it)
soul sand: cant be used for wither/netherwart
slime block: is only slab, as slab when jumped on gives 50% bounce of full block)
logs: every form of every log can have(be placed/facing/turned) slabs/stairs can mimic textures for
all(ore/item crafted of full block): gives = worth when crafted back into item/ores (block of diamond=9 diamonds(scaled by amount needed for slab/stair crafting plan))
wood items
form/color for each wood type(all but stick,bowl,tools)
stone bricks(all)
Survival based things
mob heads can have helmet enchants/give armor value of diamond/creaper head gives green tint in 1st person/each mob head type gives wearer chance to be ignored to matching mob of skull
turn string back into cobweb
craft sand(normal) with red dye into red sand
crafting beacon with colored glass makes beacon use that color glass
block of redstone can have button/lever on it to turn off on ability of giving off redstone power of block itself
slimeball(and other single mob drops(rotten flesh,bones,spider eye,blazerod,ender pearl,inksac...examples) can be crafted with chiken egg into respected mob spawn egg (not all eggs craftable, and only spawn 1 of the mob like normal)
coal can be used as replacement of inksac for black dye but is optional
charged creaper can on its own activate redstone(ing) if within 2-3 blocks of the mob itself
chests in world with chance of having armor/tools/weapons have chance of being enchanted and/or having chance of when held/worn small speed,health, or damage boost example
chests can have quiver item in them(quiver itself if held and rightclicked opens a inventory to hold arrows only and when closed the quiver can be placed in any inventory slot(not armor) and will use arrows in it first before any in normal inventory and if not in hotbar and no arrows in all of inventory any collected as a drop will go into it on its own till full(has no texture like armor being used, is an item only)
iron/obsidian boat (for lava)
resource packs
change under lava texture(like water)
change giant texture(without changing zombie example)
change day-night sky texture(like ends but overworld)
can animate mob/entity textures
can have sun phases(like moon but sun for daily cycle)
can add in more then one texture for a mob(example: creaper) and act like random chance(like horse/rabbit)